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In a quaint store with a long history
Forget the time and surround the hearth with each of the craftsman-oriented materials.





Our commitment

The quaint interior of the old folk house is nostalgic, and it is a space where customers can spend a relaxing and comfortable time. We have a hearth and a digging counter, so we will prepare seats for you to relax, have a banquet, or have a meal with your family.
In addition, the local chickens used in our shop are made from carefully selected high-quality local chickens so that you will be impressed by the thick and elastic meat quality and the taste that deepens as you chew.



Fresh local chicken torisashi

The concept of local chicken changes to overwhelming freshness and first taste.


Carefully selected high-quality local chicken

Yamazo is particular about the finest local chicken so that you will be impressed by the thick and elastic meat quality and the taste that deepens as you chew. With the cooperation of the exclusive poultry farm, we provide a uniquely developed additive-free and pesticide-free feed (completely free of chemical substances) that contains vitamins, minerals, and naturally-derived nutrients that enhance the visceral function of chickens, providing a relaxed breeding environment. So, we are raising healthy and safe original chickens.


Exquisite sauce seasoning

You can choose the seasoning of grilled chicken from salt and sauce. The local chicken served with high-quality salt is the best, but you can't go home without trying the secret special sauce that the restaurant is proud of.

Please check the following for the details of the menu.

Inside the store

Please spend time slowly and forget about the passage of time while listening to the voices of wild birds in nature.

business hours

11: 00-22: 00 (LO 21:00)
Regular holiday: Thursday

* Please note that the store may close as soon as there are no more chickens closed in the morning.


832-2 Uchiyama, Dazaifu City, Fukuoka Prefecture

From Dazaifu Station, take the 100 yen bus (Mahoroba-go) and walk 2 minutes from the Uchiyama bus stop (in front of Kamado Shrine).
* A progress information board is available from Kamado Shrine.

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